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AmberFlux Privacy Policy

Any information provided to or gathered by AmberFlux EdgeAI Inc. (AmberFlux) will be stored at AmberFlux’s registered office or on other servers to which AmberFlux has access to in its normal course of business.


We receive and store any information you enter on our website or you give us in any other manner (e.g., emails, surveys, forms etc.). We may gather some information about you in an automatic way (for example, with use of cookies or third party applications/tools/software etc.). We collect and use such information for the purposes of: providing you and third parties with information about our offerings to you; handling orders; delivering licenses, products and/or services; promotional offers; maintain and/or update your account; update our records; processing of payments; detection of fraud; fraud prevention and remedial measures; preventing abuse of our website, our licenses, our technology, inventions, products and/or services. We may also use the information for the purposes of meeting our administrative, financial, legal and regulatory requirements, compliances etc.


By providing information to us or by using website, you agree to our use of information (including sensitive personal information) in accordance with this Privacy Policy, as maybe amended from time to time by AmberFlux at its own discretion without any notice or intimation. You also agree and consent to us collecting, storing, processing, transferring and sharing information (including sensitive personal information) related to you with third parties or services the for purposes set out in this Privacy Policy.


We may be required to share the information collected with governmental authorities and agencies for the purposes of verification of identity, or for prevention, detection or investigation including of cyber incidents, prosecution and punishment of offences. You agree and consent AmberFlux to disclose your information, if so required, under applicable law.


You agree that the governing law for this privacy policy is laws of republic of India and jurisdiction being limited to courts of Delaware, USA


If you have any questions, grievances, concerns or feedback about this AmberFlux Privacy Policy, you may write to us.  We will consider your inputs, however, you understand and agree that any amendment to this privacy policy is purely at the discretion of AmberFlux EdgeAI Inc. 

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